My New Tattoo! – A Sunflower

by ChinaBambi

So Saturday was the day I got my 3rd Tattoo! Woo! This time round I decided to cover my 2nd one (the mickey outline which was on my wrist) because I wanted something more meaningful there.


So I decided to get my sunshine back and have a sunflower in its place. In the photos its pretty dark as its brand new, but it will lighten up and I can’t wait to see it healed 🙂


Sunflowers represent both of my Grandmothers and I was brought up to be a happy positive person. Since having some tough times recently, I discovered I needed my sunny personality back. So now I have my ‘ray of sunshine back’ with this sentimental tattoo.. my Nan always calls me.. her little ray of sunshine 🙂


Paul Goodwin at NR Studio in Cheltenham was the incredible tattooist who freehanded my sunflower and made it look even better than I could imagine!

See his work here on his instagram @paulsgoodwin and on the NR Studio Site here @NRSTUDIOS


Thanks again Paul! I love it 😀



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