by ChinaBambi


So far, we’ve had bestiality, murder, artificial intelligence, torture and a whole lot of dehumanisation. Yes, it’s always unsettling, but it’s never been anything less than brilliant, and we’ve got high hopes that the upcoming episodes will be just as good.

To keep anticipation levels up, Charlie Brooker has shared images from the first couple of episodes (San Junipero and Nosedive) on his Twitter account:

3Charlie Brooker / Netflix 1

Charlie Brooker / Netflix 2

Charlie Brooker / Netflix


Charlie Brooker / Netflix

Both episodes look kind of like they take place in the past, with the first two images (showing Bryce Dallas Howard) looking like they could be set in the 60s (if you ignore the fact that everyone seems to be holding a phone, and focus on what they’re wearing), and the second (with Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis) having somewhat of an 80s vibe.

Given that Black Mirror tends to look to either the future, or to an alternative present (one in which it’s totally normal to get your dead boyfriend downloaded onto an AI), however, I’d be surprised if these episodes do take place way back when.. unless maybe its something that happens back then to alter the present day.. who knows.. but I’m excited!.. 😀

Roll on October!