Eurovision 2016

by ChinaBambi


It was that time of year again! Last night was the 61st Eurovision! The theme ‘Come Together’.

Overall the entries were a little boring.. the highlight was the host Sweden’s joke closing performance.

Their comedic videos and performance along with a show stopping performance by Justin Timberlake.. make the show a lot more fun towards the end.

The show started with a paper made garment runway show, each country came out with a model dressed in paper origami which then had the countries flag projected over the top. It was pretty cool and unique.

IMG_0830IMG_0831 IMG_0840

Graham Norton did his usual funny commentating and also lovingly dedicated song 9 to Sir Terry wogan who said up to song 9 you shouldn’t drink while commentating. At song 9 your good to go. So the UK raised a glass to Sir Terry Wogan. Song 9 will forever be yours.

The Best Performances


My Top 3

BULGARIA – Loved the song and her outfit was pretty cool.. it lit up!


AUSTRALIA – SHE CAN SING! Wow what a voice.. and an amazing dress!


UKRAINE – Another singer but this time with a glam festival hippie twist.. the light tree was really cool!

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - MAY 12:  Jamala representing Ukraine performs the song "1944" during the semifinals of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest at Ericsson Globe Arena on May 12, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

The UK ‘Joe & Jake’ were ok and got a few more votes than we would normally.. but again where is the EUROVISION CHEESE!


The new voting system – It actually made the whole thing more tense and suspenseful which I loved! Each countries representative gives votes made from a panel of judges. Then all the public votes get showed after these results, meaning its anyones game right till the last second! Australia nearly had it.. then Ukraine stole it in the last second!


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 11.10.46 PM




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IMG_0880 IMG_0878

Yes you heard right.. JT dropped in and gave an inspirational speech before performing on stage.. Can we vote for him?? He was amazing and I think the only reason he probably showed up was because this was the first time America aired it on their Channels! SO maybe they will follow Australias lead and it’ll become a WORLDVISION. :O



The hosts were amazing.. I loved they chemistry and comedic twist. The Performance and video they made was the highlight of the night. It made the end of the show way more entertaining and fun.. again CAN we vote for them?? I’ll let you watch below and enjoy.. although you probably need to be a Eurovision to understand the in jokes.. of previous shows.

I also want to be in the Loreen Gang.. HELL YES! Euphoria on repeat.. 😛


Oh and Ukraines Spokes person.. recognize them! 😀 LOVE!


The Best Graham Norton Quotes

“The theme this year is ‘Come Together’. I would have liked to have been in that meeting, but hey, they signed off on it.”


 “He’s apparently put 1,000 euros on himself to win. Hopefully he doesn’t need that money for laser tattoo removal later in life, because I think he’s lost.”

"He's apparently put 1,000 euros on himself to win. Hopefully he doesn't need that money for laser tattoo removal later in life, because I think he's lost."

“You musn’t worry about Freddie, ladies and gentlemen. If he doesn’t do well tonight, he’s always got that hotel management degree. I feel he may be using it.”

"You musn't worry about Freddie, ladies and gentlemen. If he doesn't do well tonight, he's always got that hotel management degree. I feel he may be using it."

The Hungary singer posing as a restaurant cook before his performance.

 “From one of the best songs in the competition… to Cyprus.”



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