Captain America: Civil War – Review

by ChinaBambi

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


• About

Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. The Avengers are now divided.

• Pass/Fail

Pass: So much happened! The film was a constant buzz with crazy stuff going on. You had so many mixed emotions.. its a great film! You also get a sneak peek at Spiderman!

Fail: As its been a while since the last Marvel/Captain America film there were a few things you had to think hard about to remember connections and characters. If you watch the previous Captain America/Avengers as a recap it would probably avoid this. The villain is a bit poor too.. he’s great actor but.. hmm not epic enough.

• Standout Performance

Sebastian Stan (Buck) was incredible! I also liked getting to know Wanda more, played by Elizabeth Olsen and of course the new Spiderman played by Tom Holland. He’s going to be great!

• Who Will Like This?

Marvel/DC, hero/comic film fans.

• See It Now or Wait?

See it now! Id also recommend reaping by watching the previous ones before you go.. a lot happens in this film!

• Highlight

Seeing the new Spiderman.. another big character (I won’t spoil it) and the newly added Avengers (I won’t spoil it) but they made it fun!

• Overall Impression

The best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America is a non-stop thrill ride. The airport scene (as corny as it may appear in teasers) is one of the best action scenes to grace the marvel Cinematic Universe, and the way it is choreographed and filmed is beyond spectacular. The sense of childish bewilderment and the rush of adrenaline that occurred during this scene was overpowering and I sat in awe for quite some time afterward.

The tone from Winter Soldier has been carried over into the heavily anticipated sequel and furthers the storyline in spectacular fashion. As seen in the trailers, there are a lot of characters involved in this film, but I think this is what made it the best so far. In past, this has meant bad news but not in this instant. Each character is given their due; seamlessly tied into the story and each receiving adequate screen time and narrative.

It’s is exciting, tense, and an absolute blast of a time.. For not one single minute was I bored or disinterested.

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