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Happy Birthday Wes Anderson

by ChinaBambi

On the birthday of the director, we celebrate the world-building colour palettes of Wes Anderson’s imagination

ht: AnotherMag

The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001
The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001. Colour Palette by Movies in Colour


“The hazy-hued lens through which we peer into the director’s unique world has a retro quality that cast his films in a nostalgia for a time that could have been”

Artist and Wes Anderson enthusiast Hamish Robertson says, “Anderson’s colour palettes are integral to his cinematic ‘world-building’. His eye for art direction and fantastic attention to detail creates the appropriate space and tone for his characters to exist in – and for the viewer to lose themselves in. They ultimately become their own visual language, the way character themes are elaborated in cinematic scores, allowing an immersive visual experience whether the sound is on or not.”

Love these colour palettes! The last image has always been my favourite.. The Grand Budapest Hotel would be my home inspo 😀



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