My Shoe Cabinet Up-Cycle Project

by ChinaBambi

When I moved to Cheltenham end of last year I was looking for some quirky new furniture after selling a lot before moving from Scotland. I was trying to find something vintage but classic and had many photos saved on pinterest of the kind of idea  was looking for. I couldn’t afford anything retail, plus I wanted itt o be unique.. so I looked on EBay (I’m known as a bargain Queen finding things on there) and I proved my name right! I saw this Vintage cabinet listed at 99p. SO I watched it thinking oh it’ll go for a lot.

Then the day came and it only had a 99p bid so I thought I’ll bid and see if i get it or not expecting it t go high.. and I won! £1.20.

SO the next thing I thought would be a message from the seller saying sorry too cheap, but nope. He was fine with it. “You win some you lose some” he said. It was his partners Grandmothers and they had no space or use for it anymore so they were happy to see it go to a good home. I gave him my change in my pocket, more than the winning price cause I felt bad.

So a 20min drive in my friends car, we picked up the cabinet. IT was a lot bigger than I thought.. the photo makes it look small! But after a 20min back and forth we finally got it in!

Drove home carefully because of the glass.. and it arrive in one piece. Now how to make it like the dream Shoe cabinet I had seen..?

I bought the Rustoleum spray matte black paint on Amazon along with Rustoleum metallic gold.

Some liquid sander and fancy paper from paper chase. All costing less than £17.

You will need:

  • Spray paint (I used 1 can of Rustoleum Matte Black from Amazon)
  • Decorative paint for details (I use Rustoleum Metallic Gold)
  • Sand paper or liquid sander (I used Polycell Liquid Sander from Amazon)
  • Old cloth
  • Face mask (To protect yourself from spray painting)
  • Paint brushes (Thickness depending on area painting, wash in warm water after use!)
  • Masking tape
  • Decorative lining paper (I bought 2 rolls from Paperchase)
  • Double sided tape (To secure lining paper together & on cabinet)
  • UHU Glue ( To secure lining paper 100%)
  • Wipes (To clean edges when decorative painting)



Masking up the edges of the glass. Make sure you cover the glass to protect it but ensure you don’t cover the parts you want painted. This is a crucial part! 🙂


Masking tape the paper over the glass panels to protect it before painting.


Covering the keyhole with tape.

The liquid sander.. use with a cloth and follow instructions.

SO much easier than sand paper! If its just to take varnish or paint off a glossy piece of furniture its perfect.thumb_IMG_4968_1024

The spray paint and gold decorative paint by Rustoleum.

Bought off Amazon.thumb_IMG_4970_1024

After spray painting. 2 Coats covered it completely.

Wear a mask to protect yourself. Follow instructions on the can and I would advise doing it outside or in a well ventilated room.

I used 1 can for both coats.


(I left it 24hours before I went to the next step, however you can prep the paper lining ready)


Peel off the tape and paper when the paint is dry.

This is the paper I bought from Paperchase for the lining of the cabinet.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.58.53 PM

I measured the inside of the cabinet where the original lining paper is. I drew out the rough shape and put all the measurements down so i could figure out the right size of the new paper.thumb_IMG_7250_1024

Once I had the width right I then lined up the paper to match the design and using double sided tape. Covered the top edge. I then rolled the paper up, lay the first part down and slowly peeled back the tape lining up the edge with the pattern until it was complete. This meant an even matched smooth finish.

I then trimmed the length to the right size.


I then double taped all edges of the lining paper on the back.

Made sure it fitted in the cabinet.

Used UHU glue on the top of the cabinet original paper lining, about an 1inch down so it would be just under where the tape would be on the new lining.

Then careful peeled back the tape and lined the new paper over the old.thumb_IMG_7255_1024

I then peeled off each side and smoothly pushed out the edges so it was a smoothly laid lining. I added some glue before smoothing down for extra security.

I then placed the original glass shelves back in the cabinet.


Using the gold metallic paint by Rustoleum I then Carefully painted the details. SO I painted the curved parts on the glass and the outline of the glass panels, using wipes if I went over the edges onto the glass. (It won’t come off so make sure you wipe it before it dries.)


I painted the edge of the bottom of the cabinet in gold and the leafy curved detail at the top to finish it off.

TADA! The finished look!


And this is the end result with all my shoes!IMG_7286thumb_IMG_7280_1024

I am so happy with it, and for £18.20 total costs (without travel costs) it was well worth it! I can’t wait to up cycle more items and sell some of them too!

I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative! 😀



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