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In the last week of 2015, we heard a whole bunch about Doctor Strange. But if you wanted high-resolution versions of the art without watermarks, you were out of luck. Thankfully, though, Disney has provided some pretty, pretty pictures for us to drool over.

First, here’s Benedict Cumberbatch in profile, with the lightning-throwing version above.



Next, there’s a look at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Honestly, for our tastes, it’s a little too clean and precise, too much like Tony’s garage, but with a kooky window. Come on, Doctor Strange is a kook, he needs books everywhere and possibly a stuffed demon or something.





The depiction of his origin is spot-on, though. Strange’s ego is tied up in his hands, so this is arguably the character’s motivation in one picture. Once his hands are destroyed, Stephen Strange doesn’t think he has that much to live for.



Finally, we’ve got the Dark Dimension. Depicting Steve Ditko’s bizarre, abstract designs on film was always going to be a challenge, and this idea of Strange drifting through space with an oil slick is definitely an interesting take on the idea.



The concept art is, of course, just that. A lot can change between now and Doctor Strange‘s November 4 release date. Still, this shows where they’re heading and how they’re tackling a challenging comic. Expect a trailer in front of Captain America: Civil War.

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‘Doctor Strange’ Casts Rachel McAdams As Night Nurse, Not Previously Assumed Clea

“Doctor Strange” features a special set of cast including RachelMcAdams. Although most fans have supposed that the “True Detective” actress is playing Clea’s role in the “Phase 3” film, Marvel has revealed otherwise.

Benedict Cumberbatch was previously established to play the role of “Doctor Strange,” Chiwetel Ejiofor set to play Baron Mordo, Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, while Mads Mikkelsen was rumored to join the cast as Dormammu.

All the while, RachelMcAdams’ role remains a mystery. However, a recent report says that it certainly will not be Clea! Rather, she has been selected to play as Christine Palmer, also known as the Night Nurse. This role was originally thought to be given to Rosario Dawson, but reports claimed that  Marvel Studios actually did not approve of it so she got Claire Temple’s role instead, Crossmap reported.

Interestingly, Night Nurse not the character from Brian K as many would have presumed from Marcos Martin and Vaughan’s “Doctor Strange: The Oath” by Linda Carter. Rather, McAdams will reportedly BE playing 1973’s version of the Night Nurse #4, which is an exchange that may have been set since the character was a surgical assistant while Stephen Strange is clearly a surgeon.

It is highly likely that fans will be getting a mix of the two characters, which is honestly not so bad. The Oath’s version was an extremely tough female character and the storyline is considered a top ”Doctor Strange” tale, which makes it a perfect material for Marvel to borrow from. Furthermore, it is believed that Marvel chose Palmer’s name along with the backstory because the character obviously makes lot more sense compared to a nurse who merely patch up several MCU’s superheroes, Comic Book Movie reported.

Source: MovieNews Guide.



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