Iris – A Fashion Icon – Film Review

by ChinaBambi


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

So I came across this incredible lady early this year and completely fell in love.

She is a complete fashion and lifestyle icon!

I watched her documentary on Netflix ‘Iris’ cause a few people had told me how amazing it was.
GO watch it now! 😀 You will be in awe of her life!


She is known for her big wide round glasses and I love the quickness of her style!

When you watch the documentary you see how sentimental all of her fashion is, every piece of jewelry has a story, all of her belongings show a part of her incredible life of traveling and decorating the world.


Her husband is adorable too, the part where he buys a cap is so funny.

Unfortunately I heard he died this year just three days shy of his 101st birthday. A very sad thing to hear after they were so much in love after all this time as shown in the documentary. The life they shared together is something we can only dream of.

What a couple! Iris is so busy with her crazy life I am sure she won’t slow down anytime soon!



I won’t spoil any of it! You just have to watch it!

I bought the huge poster and have had it framed to go up in my flat as a big icon of inspiration! Every day I will hope it makes me think, what would Iris do!


Here is the trailer:



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