Official Star Wars Glasses

by ChinaBambi

Do you need Christmas Star Wars ideas?? Well here it is!!

This December 18th, everyone will be hoping for a Christmas miracle in cinema, but you can prepare by getting a Star Wars Planetary Glassware set. This set of six features the most famous celestial bodies of the original (good) trilogy. The sandy Tatooine is somewhat red, the snowy Hoth is blue, and the Dagobah glass shows swirling clouds over the endless swamps. There’s even an Alderaan glass… which looks cracked. A somewhat horrid in-joke, isn’t it?

There’s also a glass meant for the forest moon of Endor, which all red-blooded Star Wars fans will hide immediately. Should have replaced it with Yavin 4, guys! And while the Death Star certainly isn’t a planet (no moon, either), it has its own glass, too. The glasses are an official Star Wars product, designed and made by the folks at Think Geek.

More info: (h/t: mymodernmet / demilked)