The Captain America Civil War Trailer

by ChinaBambi


Following on from Avengers Age Of Ultron, Iron Man and Captain America are forever at each other’s throats and now the government have weighed in, which has effectively split the world of superheroes in two – fighting for what they believe.

In the comics, the war starts when a group of stupid superheroes blow up a school which kills all the children so, naturally, the public want them to be stopped. Some superheroes are up for the cap on their powers, some aren’t – so war happens. It’s unlikely that that plot will happen in this one.

Spider-man is in this film but not in the trailer, which is sort of cool that they’re waiting to surprise us. Also Ant-Man’s supposed to get up to some ant-y business. This was a first glimpse of Black Panther in action and it looks like he’s on the side of Iron Man so yippy yay, right?


Source: Hellou

Coming to theaters May 2016 🙂



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