This Spanish Christmas Advert has put ours to shame

by ChinaBambi


At Christmas, people like to do things together. Whether it’s having Christmas dinner, or decorating a tree, or singing carols (whatever floats your boat), it’s that time of year to be with the ones you love. 

In Spain, they honour this ‘Christmas Spirit’ by holding a Christmas Lottery. Instead of just one lucky winner, in this once-a-year prize draw, lots of people get a chance to win a pretty decent sum.

The way it works? Each shop only sells one, or maybe two different numbers. So, traditionally, groups of colleagues, friends, or family all buy a ticket with the same number. Then, if that number comes up, they all win ‘el gordo‘, or ‘the first prize’ together – usually a couple of million euros each.

While, yes, there are lotteries with bigger payouts, what makes the Spanish Christmas lottery so special is the fact that a lot of friends win at the same time, and so they all get rich together. And it’s at Christmas…

What a heart-warming concept, you must be thinking. That might make a nice idea for a Christmas advert, you might be thinking… Maybe John Lewis should get on top of this, it’s certainly better than a lonely old man exiled to the moon…

Well, Spain is way ahead of you. They make a Christmas advert for this lottery every year (basically their equivalent of the John Lewis ad).

Featuring an old man who works as a night-watchman in a mannequin factory, this year’s advert is particularly lovely.

You can check it out here:

And, if you want to weep some more, check out this subtitled version of the advert from 2014. In this one, a man had forgotten to buy his ticket the year his and his friends’ number came up… You can probably guess what happens next…

Better than John Lewis.. FOR SURE! *wipes tears*



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