If Wes Anderson did Star Wars..

by ChinaBambi

If Wes Anderson did Star Wars: watch this trailer re-imagining

if wes anderson did star wars: watch this trailer re-imagining

The Internet has been awash with an embarrassment of parodies since the first teaser trailer released last year. There was the George Lucas Special Edition, ending on the withering line ‘probably coming depressingly soon’. Then there was the obligatory Lego re-make. Next up, someone had a bash at a Michael Bay cut. And faster than you could say “Use the Force, Luke” an internet moment was in full swing.

Now, in a stroke of indie-genius, short film director Jonah Feingold has taken the trailer and filtered it through a lens of nostalgia, wit and Futura fonts that could only be the work of Wes Anderson. It’s a jolly affair and a master class in the importance of good soundtracking – the film’s entire sentiment is completely transformed with the simple addition of some mid-60s cutesy French pop. Its actually really good! 🙂

Source: i-D



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