Alice’s Adventures Underground – Review

by ChinaBambi

An event you don’t want to be late for..


Ever since this event opened in April I have been dying to go! So part of my Birthday treat was to plan a trip to London so I could really go to Wonderland.


There wasn’t much detail on the event which made it more mysterious! You are told to wear red & black only as the Queens orders. This was the trailer:


Adam and I arrived in London last Friday and went to Waterloo station which is the closest tube station to the event. Just around the corner where the Vaults are you will be welcomed by a huge sign for the event. Perfect for photos 🙂


Inside the first tunnel is the reception where you get your watch stamp for entrance..


behind this a wonderland bar, merch shop and a seating area, looking much like an old theatre. You have to leave all your bags and belongings there so you are free to roam Wonderland. Buy your drink token before entering wonderland and your set to go!

IMG_1285 IMG_1288 IMG_1287 IMG_1286

You start as a group of 30 or more people.. but each person will have a different journey and story in wonderland so prepare to be split up and see where Wonderland takes you.


You wait to be called for your time and are led into another tunnel where the story begins.


Going through a small tunnel entrance of walls made out of books and pages, you find a door and through this door is the rabbits home. A dark antique filled room, lots of mirrors, a tunnel arch sloped ceiling, bookcases everywhere. The lights flicker and you hear voices.. its Alice, she’s in the mirrors, talking about wonderland but its distorted. She needs help, in the centre of the room the photography dark room equipment starts to develop, the blank pages show images of Alice then BANG! The bookcase to my right explodes open and books fly everywhere.

It’s another tunnel covered in book pages.

So we go through this tunnel and push the door saying ‘Push Me’
We enter a circular room, walls made out of mirrors, the ceiling projected with images. We all spread out and watch as the ceiling spins and changes, projecting moving images onto it.

Smoke fills the room and bottom rabbit shape holes light up and flash.

Then behind me the room splits open and there sits the White rabbit.


A man dressed in a fantastic white rabbit costume with a mechanical rabbit head, the ears move and make him come to life. He calls us to crouch down and hear his tale. We must sneak into wonderland and help bring back Nonsense. The Queen has ruled it out of wonderland. What is wonderland without nonsense? He says the start of your journey is one which will divide the group in two. Behind him sits a red card at a table where to his left is a small door and to his right a large door.

The rabbit says to choose carefully, he walks over to the table and says the card insists we do everything properly as the Queen would want. The exchange of keys for the doors, so the card takes an ‘eat me’ sweet and grows while the rabbit chooses a ‘drink me’ bottle (lemon sugar water) and shrinks. They go to the doors and realise they have the wrong keys, so walk back towards one another, switches keys and walk to the opposite door realising its wrong again, a bit of comedy 🙂 they finally get the right keys in the doors and the rabbit leads off to the left small door and the card to the right large door. So now its our turn, I decided to go for ‘Drink me’ and shrink down to the small door.

Following the white rabbit of course.

He takes us down a tunnel and next to a wire fence. One person takes our bottles while the next gives us a playing card. This will be the card we are in Wonderland. This way meant we would be a club or a spade.. I got the Ace of Clubs and Adam the 2 of Clubs. The Rabbit asks us if we are ready to go into wonderland and teaches us a saying, for if we meet a worm (caterpillar) we will need this. If he says Caloo you say Calay. So we all shouted it and the Queen heard us, she shouted over the speakers saying there was a break-in in Wonderland. So the rabbit hurries us into Wonderland and through a dark tunnel.

Its very dark and we see a hazy blue light and a figures shadow which makes a few of us scream!

Turns out only to be two of the cards.. they hurry us into a room which is Tulgey wood, the floor has large tins of Dinah’s Cat food all around it. Which makes me think, it’s the Cheshire cat..

Rushing in is a lit up face of the Cheshire cat, his eyes and grin as a puppet mask controlled by an actor. Then appears two girls controlling a headless body and you become totally entranced by their voices and skills as puppet actors. The Cheshire cats grin and eyes move about the room freaking some people out a little while the body is walking along a branch in the centre of the room. The head then disappears and behind us a huge Cheshire cat face comes out of the wall. It made everyone jump!

Then the smaller one appears again as they tell the tale of wonderland and how a little girl named Alice once came here.. The acting skills are incredible and this was one of my favourite parts! The left hand side then lit up a sign showing clubs. And a card appears shouting for all club cards to follow her, so Adam and I leave the Cheshire cat and enter a curtained room.

The card is very funny and she tells us she will help us get through wonderland safely.


We begin by entering a kitchen which has the Duchess, her baby pig and the chef.

We all stand around the table nervously as they start to cook. Obviously both mad, the Duchess sings to her baby and shows her off to some of us clubs. The cook then walks over to each person poking their arm with a fork to see if they are good enough to eat. I’m too skinny so get moved aside, but unfortunately for Adam he gets put in a pan and has pepper sprinkled on him.


While they prep to cook a few of us the card comes running in saying we need to leave and help find the knave to get the Queen her tarts.

We then enter a room with two mirrors, behind them Alice appears and asks us to tell the rabbit she is stuck and needs to get out.


It’s a very haunting looking room and the actress who plays Alice looks so creepy behind the glass.

We get led into a small box room striped Navy and light blue. Two big stages opposite one another with adult sized babies with large oversized heads, its Tweedle Dum & Dee. They are attached to a baby mobile in the ceiling. We sit low to the floor and see the other suite of cards on the opposite side of the room.


The music starts playing and Tweedle Dum & Dee start to argue. They take off the giant heads and place them on the floor. They try to fight for the music box and end up falling all over the place, spinning around the room at head height to us. It was so creepy and scary! You felt like they were going to kick you in the face but they were being comedic and floating around poking people as they passed. It was funny but creepy! Almost batman joker like.


As we left that room we waved to the other cards and the main club card takes us through the creepy wood pathway and up a winding staircase surrounded by parasols, the stair case narrows to a very small tunnel surrounded with fairy lights. We enter a very small circular room with cushions all over the floor. In the back we see the caterpillar next to a very big shisha pipe. The caterpillar starts to tell us a tale, he is obviously very high and keeps taking puffs of the shisha.. he then says calloo and I shout callay! No one else said it so that made me happy I remembered 😀

We then head back down the narrow stairs in a daze from all the lights and head into a room where we met the very tall knave of hearts.


He is in a small pantry style room full of different ingredients. He tells us he used to be a big foodie but now he stays away from all the condiments as he had a problem.

He then shows us the tray of the Queens tarts and before he realised while talking he had taken a bite! He blamed it on the girl to his left of course!

So we had to hide the evidence. We all ate the tarts but while doing so Adam and I kept hearing whispers in the shelves. I looked round a few times not seeing anything, then I noticed a pair of eyes look right at me through a hole in the wall. Oh no someone witnessed us eat the Queens tarts!


We then got interrupted by the club card who was so disappointed in us.. sorry.

We left in a hurry and headed to a metal container room. Newspapers and graffiti on the walls, a man hung upside down at the back.. totally normal. He began to ask us if we were spies for the Queen, and then after a bit of interrogation realised we were the ones who ate the tarts. We all got a high five! He had stolen doughnuts from her before! 🙂 Pointing to a newspaper article on the wall. He was so impressed he said we could join his group, the W.U.R.M – Wonderland Underground Rebellion Movement. We all got badges which had a black bird on them and he showed us the sign to prove you were a part of it. You make a bird with both your hands and hold it close to your chest.


We leave the W.U.R.M office and head through a creepy woodland type pathway into a greenhouse looking room. It’s the Wonderland bar and all the other cards are there! This is where your tokens come in handy and you can get your drinks from the cards behind the bar. They come in teacups ready for the Tea Party.


The walls are decorated with heart shaped glass, white flowers with faces and branches of ivy all over the walls. When you look outside the other end of the greenhouse you see the huge dining table which is for the Tea Party. Its very grungy looking, a large wooden room length table with different height chairs made from barrels, chairs and boxes. There are hat stands with flamboyant hats and at the ends of the table are very tall chairs.


The rabbit comes into the greenhouse and asks us if we are all late for the tea party cause there is no point being early. You have to wait for people then. So we all enter the Mad Hatters Tea Party room, a large face clock is at the end lighting the room. It seems to be stuck at 5pm. There were seeds all over the table with broken crockery and a large old style tin bath sat in the centre of the table. The rabbit then shouts we have guests.. and in come running three crazy characters, the Mad Hatter a moustached suited man, the march hare, a long evening gowned woman with a black bob and long black rabbit ears, sparkling head to toe and the dormouse, a curly moustached man wearing a robe and pyjamas? He runs and sits in the bath tub and the rabbit and mad hatter sit at each end of the table.


They begin to shout that its tea time and discuss the fact the clock is broken, making it always tea time. The rabbit suggests the Hatter greets his guests and he points to me and shouts you have far too long hair, it needs to be cut at least by half! The Rabbit tells him it is very rude to say that and then instead they tell a story. The March hare then appears behind me and points to me Adam and the girl next to him counting 1..2..3. You are the three sisters, and the dormouse brings a trolley which we are all told to stand on. They push us down to the end of the table while telling the story and then we get told to go back to our seats. The whole thing is mad but I love it! The massive teapot at the entrance to the room then whistles and out pours colourful tea. It goes into the table in front of me into a hole in the centre, then it comes out of that and into the next hole in the table and the dormouse gets excited sitting in the bath in the middle about to get his teacup ready to have tea. The tea then goes down right in front of him and he misses it. Poor mouse – I was laughing though. They carry on with a story and then then the dormouse starts to sing, what a beautiful voice he had.. very funny too!


The teapot pours two more lots of tea into the table and another two times the mouse misses it. Hee hee! We also all get told to move seats and you stand up and move along to the next one. We sang a happy unbirthday and then a loud announcement came across Wonderland, the Queen is shouting that someone has stolen her tarts and asks for all cards and characters to be present for a trial at court.

So we were hurried out of the tea party by the March hare who ran so fast, I could hardly keep up. We get taken through a tall passageway to the court which is dressed with long heart graphic flags.
We enter the court room with red card suites on the left and black on the right. The stage is like a throne for the queen but has a door.

Both sides to this have a dock for witnesses.

The main guard then calls for us to stand for the Queen and with a trumpet entrance she storms through the door shouting who has stolen her tarts. She is a larger lady dressed in red and black of course. Another fantastic costume!


The guard and her then decide to do things properly and have the verdict first before the trial until the rabbit points out that doesn’t quite make sense and suggests they hear from witnesses first.

The first witness was the March Hare, Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, they entered the dock with their cups of tea and offered it to the Queen. She refused and asked if they knew anything which they didn’t. They then sank into the dock and crept away, a funny scene from them!

Next the Knave of hearts, whose head is brought on a silver platter dish. He keeps looking over at us clubs and when he doesn’t say a word the Queen sentences him to have his head cut off. But then they realise his head already is cut off. So what more could they do to him. They then ask for witness in the court room and the main guard receives a letter. It states the diamonds were witnesses. They all then blame us and the spotlight hits us. The Rabbit shouts calloo and we shout callay and then make the bird symbol which confuses the Queen.

The court door then spins round and there stands Alice behind the glass. She still cant remember who she is and starts to talk to the Queen. The Queen says she has ruled out Nonsense in wonderland so Alice begins to tell her a story and why it should be in Wonderland, she then realises her name is Alice and the Queen starts to remember too.. she was once Alice.. she runs up to the mirror and they chant a story together and the door spins with smoke and The Queen is now trapped and Alice is free.

The Rabbit then brings her a big Mallet and she smashes the mirror breaking it into a million pieces. The Queen is gone.

Alice then leads us all through the court and into another Bar area where the Walrus greets us.


A wonderland bird is circling the ceiling on a hoop, a band playing, large wooden tables, cards all over the walls and neon flamingo graffiti. This is Wonderland. The end of our journey with a fantastic area to drink, eat and play.


We had some drinks from the bar which were in jam jars, we went up to the top level where you could buy Wonderland pies, so so yummy thanks to Piemaster.


Through a secret entrance you can play flamingo croquet and enter a maze.


The maze was under the lower level, with weird and wonderful things along the way leading to the Kings Bar. An area only VIPS can go and get the free drink (but tbh you don’t need to go there, a quick look was good enough for us!)

IMG_1314IMG_1313 IMG_1311

So we headed back to the main room, ate our pies and watched the band play..


and had ago on the photo-video machine – very funny!.. and then left to catch our train home.

We went into Wonderland with no expectations and full of wonder and curiosity.. and left genuinely feeling like we had been to Wonderland. 😀

I wanted to go back straight away! I loved every minute of it. The characters, actors, costumes, setting and attention to detail was phenomenal!


I highly recommend going before it ends! You have until the end of August! So don’t be late!

Check out the website here for more details, they also have a kids day version.



But remember you may have a different journey in Wonderland to me.. one person said they painted the roses red 😀 wish I did that too!

Full trailer for the show:

An amazing guy also proposed to his girlfriend at the tea party! :O !


The photos on this blog during the Wonderland journey have been taken by the actors and production staff so remember not to spoil it by using your phones or cameras!

So have fun guys, you definitely wont be disappointed! Remember your playing card as you can re-use these to enter the Wonderland bar on Fridays and Saturdays!


Thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful production, you have made a wonderland obsessed fan very very happy!!! 😀

IMG_1305My Wonderland necklaces lit up!

Book your tickets here!



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