Through The Looking Glass – Film Posters & Trailer

by ChinaBambi

Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska return for the new Alice In Wonderland film…

In truth, in spite of the fact that it grossed over $1bn at the box office worldwide, we don’t know very many people who liked Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie that much.. 😦 it was a huge disappointment for me personally as it was cpmbing two of my fav things.. Burton and Wonderland! So I had thought omg this will be another Tim Burton classic! If Burton was allowed free rein it would of been incredible but I assume it had too many people inputting making a blah film tbh. Now Burton has left this sequel to James Bobin so lets see what he can do for this second film..

I still wish Burton could of made it one of his own films, taking inspiration mostly from the books and Disney’s input of how vulnerable and scared Alice was.. the actually film that was created through all characters at you in one go.. kinda defeating the point of the books.. 😦 anyways…

A first trailer for Alice Through The Looking Glass was shown over the weekend at Disney’s D23 event too..

Alice Through The Looking Glass is scheduled for release in May 2016. More on the movie as we hear it, of course… 😀

Source: Den Of Geek



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