BBHMM – Rihannas New Video

by ChinaBambi

Good Girl Gone Psycho: Does Rihanna Go Too Far in ‘BBHMM’?

Good Girl Gone Psycho: Does Rihanna Go Too Far in ‘BBHMM’?

Just give Rihanna what she wants. That is the on-screen lesson of her bloody video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” which premiered in the early hours Wednesday morning.

Good luck being part of the cultural conversation at your 4th of July barbecue if you don’t give in — in its first 16 hours online, “BBHMM” had been viewed 4.3 million times on YouTube. Viewers are introduced to a well-heeled, buxom blonde in the sheerest of bras (soon to be removed under unpleasant circumstances). She pops into an elevator with Rihanna and exits inside a trunk, dragged by the singer to a warehouse where she can be hung and swung by her feet — upside-down naked boobs being a major trope in torture porn.


The gal is drugged, held underwater, and conked over the head with a bottle, all for comic effect, until Rihanna is able to get her hands on her real target: Mads Mikkelsen, of Hannibal fame, as “the Accountant, aka the Bitch.” She breaks out a hacksaw and chainsaw on the bound victim, and although we don’t see exactly what happens next, the video ends with her severely bloodied on top of a mountain of money, nude but for the bill demurely covering her most private parts. Sounds lovely right.. well check out the video below!


Judging from some of the immediate fan reactions online, we may be past the point where a major cash reward for a Hollywood Chainsaw Massacre is seen as anything other than a fairy-tale ending. Casting Mikkelsen as the (final) victim was probably a conscious step toward blunting possible criticism: If on a show as popular as Hannibal the ends justify the human vivisection, you’re a hypocrite to object if Rihanna does it, right?.. Well I don’t like those types of films so sorry Ri-Ri this one ain’t for me but I do appreciate you pushing all the boundaries and stepping outside of the box 😛 – it was shot really well too!


Meet the 20 year old who wrote the song:

“Bitch Better Have My Money” is a global hit track (anything Rihanna normally does) and now with the insane video to match it has gone viral.

With Rihanna fronting the track and Kanye on executive production, it’s easy to forget one lesser known but equally talented name that went into making it the platinum-plated armoured trap tank it so majestically is. Namely, the girl who bloody wrote it.

Before #BBHMM became a Rihanna world premiere, it was a just a 20-year-old girl from Berlin called Bibi; bitchin’ about her bad mood over unfinished beats from Roc Nation’s Deputy at a local LA studio.

Meet Bibi Bourelly.. you should check her Instagram, which can go from being anything from live snippets of Bibi songs in the making, to melancholic Oasis covers, to just being a who’s who of planet Earth’s VIPs. @bibibourelly

So what do you think of the BBHMM video?

Source: Yahoo Music / Vevo / Vice



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