My Loch Ness Weekend

by ChinaBambi

This weekend just gone, I spent 3 amazing days exploring the Loch Ness in Scotland.

A 3.5 hr drive from Glasgow we arrived Sunday 28th (my birthday) in a sunny beautiful Loch Ness.

We stayed at the Craigdorrah Inn with a fantastic view from our room of the Loch Ness. It was stunning!


I had a wonderful Birthday with lots of gifts (Disney Ariel Vans/Wonderland cushion/More Disney gifts/champagne…) Thank you all! 🙂



I had a yummy brunch in Glasgow before setting off, this was at Epicures in Hyndland – the best place for brunch!


So the first evening was spent in the Craigdorrah Inn and we had a 3 course dinner and then planned the rest of our stay.



I look so small! Alice has shrunk! 😛

Monday we went to Dorres to see the end of the Loch Ness,


we walked along the beach and also stopped by the Nessie Hunter Steve Feltham’s hut. He has been searching for Nessie since 1991! I bought one of his Nessie Monster figures as a token of my Loch Ness hol.


You can buy them here also!


We had a quick snack in the Dorres Inn restaurant and then headed to Inverness to hop on a boat cruise along the canal and into the Loch Ness. The Jacobite Queen.


We saw castles, Scottish tales of witches, wildlife and possibly the Loch Ness Monster?! :O


We also got totally drenched by sitting at the front of the boat!


We then went to the Snow Goose for dinner in a lovely pub before heading back to our hotel. We made a few scenic stops along the way 🙂


This is where the Scottish tale of two witches occurred. One lived on this side of the Loch and the other opposite. They were angry with each other and began yelling and throwing huge rocks at each other. The opposite side has a lot of rock slides which was caused by this fight. One rock missed and landed along the Lochs edge now known as The Witches Rock.


Tuesday became the hottest day of the year in Scotland so far,


we went back to Dorres for a sunny view of the Loch Ness, headed around the loch Ness to the exhibition centre where we learnt all about the mystery of Nessie. I think Nessie escaped a long time ago into the sea! 🙂


Traveling further around the Loch, we stopped at Fort Augustus for lunch at the opposite end of the Loch Ness sitting in the sun at The Boathouse restaurant right on the edge of the loch. It was beautiful and a wonderful end to the holiday. I highly recommend you take a trip there for lunch if you visit the area. You have to buzz to gain access as it is a hotel manor house but the restaurant is available for all.


We then carried on round making a full loop of the Loch Ness and came back into a sunny Glasgow (with another couple of stops along the way.)


It was a lovely short break celebrating my Birthday and I would recommend visiting all the places I did this weekend.

Here are the links to all the places I went to:

Epicures of Hyndland (Glasgow)

Craigdorrah Inn

Dorres Inn

Nessie Hunter Steve Feltham

20329_10153422546107154_5270123814206208164_nYou can buy them here also!

Jacobite Cruise

The Snow Goose

The Loch Ness Exhibition Centre

The Boat House


Thank you to everyone who made my Birthday special! Enjoy any trips you have in Scotland guys!



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