BBHMM – Rihanna

by ChinaBambi


July 2, 2015 is going to be a historic day: Robyn Rihanna Fenty will return and bless us with a new music video. It’s not that eighth studio album we’ve been promised, but it’s something.

Rih announced the premiere of her video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” sometime Saturday, June 27 with an Instagram warning viewers that there will be language, nudity, and violence in the forthcoming visual. She then shared a cryptic still from said video that raised more questions than before because what in Rihanna’s name does a nicely landscaped Los Angeles woodland area with a wooden box and latex-clad legs have to do with anything? It didn’t help that she drunk-adopted a dog and shared it on Snapchat. (This is a thing that did, indeed, happen.)

Well, some questions were answered at the BET Awards last night, June 28. After throwing money at a stagehand’s face, Rihanna previewed the “BBHMM” video. A dog similar to Pepe, the drunk-adopted pup, has a cameo. Other than that, Rihanna’s mysterious woodland box shows up; as does a body-container one can only assume will be the resting place for the narrative’s bitch that owes her money. Mou-la-la, indeed.

So look out for the full video July 2nd! Only 2 days to wait!

Source: Nylon



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