The New X Factor Line-up

by ChinaBambi

So here is the new judging panel for the X Factor..

Simon Cowell, Cheryl. Grimmy and Rita Ora. Oh, dear.

Simon Cowell / Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.. (argh her long name is annoying)/ Nick Grimshaw / Rita Ora

Will this revamp save the show?

TBH I’m not really fussed about the X Factor, I don’t really watch it except for the hilarious auditions.. I did watch Fleurs amazing performance for ‘Uptown Funk” as everyone was talking about it and damn she does have talent! I just get so fed up of all the sob stories and obvious TV scripted BS!

Uno what would save it.. honest real musicians and judges.. with actual talent! I would much rather watch the American Voice with Gwen Stefani any day! That show though hasn’t got it right either.. maybe its just the power of the Cowell! Can’t they just get together lol!

Anyways let’s look in forensic detail at who is going to be judging this year’s show…

This is a make-or-break year for X Factor. Last year’s series was such a ceaselessly miserable parade of barely-there adequacy, punctuated by so many dreary recitals of outdated ditties, that I couldn’t watch it!

X Factor went back to the drawing board for this year.. And, if early reports are any indication, the signs aren’t great. Not only have Dermot O’Leary’s safe pair of hands been swapped out for Olly Murs’ comically oversized, rubber-boned ham-hands, but the 2015 X Factor judging line-up has just been revealed.

Simon Cowell


This is an obvious choice. Everything about X Factor this year, from the hosts to the judges to the presentation, has been recalibrated to appeal to the youth of today. So who’s in charge? A 55-year-old white man with granny teeth, a haircut like an abandoned broom and a propensity for letting his shirt gape open to such a horrendous degree that everyone who watches on ITV HD ends up suffering through a cluster-nightmare about chest stubble. The man has become an anachronism on his own programme.. he’s also started to become NICE.. WHAT?? Has hell frozen over?

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini


It could have been Mel B, the only judge from last year who actually seemed to put any effort into judging. I LOVED HER FOR THAT! But no, instead they’ve got Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to return. Here’s what she’ll do this year.

Auditions Say yes to everyone.

Boot camp Burst into tears because she said yes to too many people and also lacks the spine to do her job properly.

Live show one Mutter: “I’ve never heard of them,” when someone mentions the Beatles.

Live show three Foul up a scripted put-down to Simon Cowell, but still look incomprehensibly pleased with herself.

Live show six Mime a terrible song on the Sunday-night results show wearing a silly hat and a pair of trousers that look like they’ve been mauled by a stoat.

All subsequent live shows Nothing.

Nick Grimshaw

The new Louis Walsh. His announcement is especially bad timing because, when Chris Evans named his as his heir-apparent on the TFI Friday anniversary show four days ago, the entire internet essentially turned into Helen Hunt in that anti-drug PSA she made in the 1980s. The face you’d pull if you saw a truck hurtling towards a child? That’s the way everyone feels about Grimshaw being an X Factor judge. On the plus side, at least Grimshaw is the one who will be fired when Cowell decides to bring Walsh back three days into auditions. Surely he was destined to be in it till he was no longer breathing? ITS LOUIS!!

Rita Ora


Fresh from being the fifth-best thing about the last series of The Voice – a series which, incidentally, contained no good things – comes Rita Ora. Here’s how she genuinely reacted to the news of her appointment in the official X Factor press release: “It’s the new generation taking over. Booooom”. A boom with five Os. A boom with five Os. We’re actually letting this woman be on television. Everything is meaningless. The Ora. The Ora. Not to mention how she slagged the X Factor after comparing it to The Voice not so long ago.. oh dear. I also think her and Grimshaws friendship will annoy Cheryl.. heres hoping!


So yea, I’m not holding up much hope for it.. I will also dance and scream loud if it gets canned! Finally Christmas No1 is back for the taking and no more annoying sob stories of wannabe famous mildly-talented people. MAKE A REAL SHOW COWELL!

Source: The Guardian



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