Game of Thrones, Battle of Hardhome

by ChinaBambi

Game of Thrones, Battle of Hardhome: 20-minute Wildlings versus White Walkers battle


 So how insane was last nights episode!!!! Argh! I want to watch it all over again! The tension of knowing the end of the season was closing in was all to much, Cersi getting a spoonful of her own medicine *haha*, Tyrion teaming up with Khaleesi and then Jon Snow teaming up with the Wildlings.. well trying.. Then uh oh what we have feared since season 1.. WINTER HAS COME!

So if you haven’t seen it already.. WATCH IT!!!!

 This 20min scene took a solid month to film!

‘It equated to about a minute of footage a day’

It saw Jon Snow trying to offer safe passage south of the Wall, but just as hoardes of Wildings boarded boats a terrifying, thousand-strong army of the dead led by White Walkers and wights descended.It was a spectacular scene, and episode, and one Kit Harrington (who plays Snow) is very proud of.

“You just know when an episode is good and when it’s not, and I felt last night’s was really, really, really great episode for the series,” he told E!. “I thought the end product of what they produced for ‘Hardhome’ was amazing.”

The scene (which is already on YouTube ) required a punishing filming schedule, with just a minute of the battle being shot each day for about a month.

“We spent a month filming that sequence which was 20 minutes long,” Harington said. “A month, a solid month. It equated to about a minute of footage a day.”

“It was heavy and it was important to me that it worked because it’s a really important beat in the Game of Thrones story. I thought it was brilliant. I really, really loved it. I was so proud of it and happy with it. I never pat myself on the back but I thought, why not? It was great!”


The episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, contributing only his second episode to the series so far.

Source: The Telegraph

Just two more episodes of Game of Thrones season 5 remain, with season 6 having naturally already been commissioned. I can’t believe its nearly over for this season!!! 😦

I don’t think I can wait till the next one!!!!



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