Naja – Quirky Swim/Lingerie Brand & ‘Underwear For Hope’ Campaign

by ChinaBambi

I came across this quirky high end eco friendly fashion swim and lingerie brand the other day and fell in love! I really love it when I see brands who share the same morals as I do start to make something very special while wanting to make the world a better place.

Naja is a San Fran based brand that produces the most amazing swimwear, bras and panties you will have ever seen with such beautiful details, the fact it is eco friendly and they want to help the workers who manufacturer our garments in this world is an added bonus and really warms my heart! So here is a blog all about Naja with stunning products, beautiful imagery and behind it all, the wonderful morals and campaign.


“Naja is a product of our passions and beliefs:
a love for beautifully designed things,
a bit of rebelliousness, and a deep desire to make the world a better place.”

My favorite set of theirs is this..

Valentina Bustier


Make the set complete with the Carmen Hi-Waisted Blue pants for $32.00

On my Birthday wish list! 😀

 Here are some more of their amazing pieces starting from $18!


We did away with fake wind blowing into models’ hair and created
a brand that could connect with smart, courageous, and sexy women.


These Cheeky Knickers are just a few from the quirky range. These three are my fav! 🙂

After_Take_Out_resized_1024x1024 MISS-GALORE-FRONT-FLAT_1024x1024 brunette-free-the-bush-flat_1024x1024

Check out the website here!


“It started with a belief that lingerie should be about the woman who wears it…
…and that it should make her feel good about herself.”


Meticulously Crafted. Fairly Priced.

Naja products are characterized by unexpected attention to detail—the kind of detailing found only in luxury brands. From our memory foam cups, to our interior bra prints, to our ultrasonic sealed bra straps—we take pride in our artistry. But we don’t believe you should have to pay $80+ for a high quality bra.

Now with the important stuff… Underwear for Hope.

Through our Underwear for Hope program and our partnership with the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia, Naja trains single or head of household mothers to sew. Naja then employs them so that they can help themselves and their children. When you educate a woman, everything changes.

“When you educate a woman, everything changes.”

Naja is committed to the empowerment of women.

“Buy a bra, give a single mother work.”

How it works.

A percentage of every purchase you make goes toward supporting our entrepreneurial sewing program for women through the Golondrinas Foundation. And for every bra purchase you make, you contribute directly to the employment of a single mother. How it works: When you buy a bra, Naja gives you a lingerie wash bag so that you can wash your undergarments. Each lingerie bag is made at home by one of the women that we employ through Underwear for Hope.

Underwear for Hope Stories:

Maria Jaramillo, 36 years old
Barrio Caicedo, Colombia

My name is Maria, I am one of the “displaced” in Colombia—after gangs killed my sister, I was forced to leave our village with my three girls and my sister’s two girls. The violence hit me very hard. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to die, but I couldn’t because I had them to take care of. Now, I try to teach children about the violence and I have a group of about 50 kids. I cleaned up a little park around the corner and on weekends I turn it into an activity center—I teach the children to plant, we fry potato chips in kettles, and we draw. I really try to focus on the boys, because war is made by men. I make them draw flowers so that they understand that flowers are not just for girls. I tell them that just because their mothers mop it doesn’t mean that they can’t. I teach them that when they join gangs, they destroy entire families. And I teach them that one shouldn’t wait for things to be given to them, things should be earned. Sometimes I think I want to leave this neighborhood, it has become just as violent as where I used to be from. But, I can’t. The children, they need me.

As of November 2013, Maria works full time through Underwear for Hope. She hopes to use what she earns to educate her daughters and her nieces and to build a play house in the park for her 50 children to play in.

Watch a video & Read more stories here.


Meet the Founder: Catalina Girald


Inspired by the women she met during her 18 months of backpacking through remote countries, Colombian born Catalina started Naja with a vision: to empower women through lingerie and create a culture where women help each other.

My hat goes off to her! What a brand and what a woman! She has really inspired me, I cant wait to make my first purchase and would love to work for or own a brand just like hers one day!

Lets all make this world a better place to live in and have fun while doing so!



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