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Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow has triumphed at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, beating Russia’s Polina Gagarina.


Zelmerlow won with his upbeat pop track Heroes, which was accompanied by innovative animated visuals.


Italy were third, followed by Belgium. Australia finished fifth in the country’s first Eurovision appearance.

The UK’s 1920s-influenced swing act Electro Velvet finished 24th out of the 27 participants with five points.


A record number of countries took part, including Australia – which was invited to compete for the first time to mark the event’s 60th anniversary.

The top of the leaderboard:

  • 1. Sweden. Mans Zelmerlow – Heroes. 365 points
  • 2. Russia. Polina Gagarina – A Million Voices. 303
  • 3. Italy. Il Volo – Grande Amore. 292
  • 4. Belgium. Loic Nottet – Rhythm Inside. 217
  • 5. Australia. Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again. 196


Electro Velvet said: “Obviously it is disappointing to finish on the right hand side of the board, but we have had the most amazing, brilliant, unforgettable time being part of this unique competition in this special year.

“We put our hearts and souls into representing our country and would like to thank everyone back at home and around the world that got behind us.

“It really means a lot and of course we also want to congratulate Sweden and Mans Zelmerlow on their well-deserved victory.”

Zelmerlow was the bookmakers’ favourite throughout the build-up to this year’s contest.


“I’m so happy and I want to say thank you for voting for me,” he told the crowd. “I want to say we are all Heroes, no matter who we love, who we are or what we believe in – we are all heroes.”

It was Sweden’s sixth Eurovision win – meaning they are now just one victory behind the contest’s record holders Ireland, who have won seven times.

Around 200 million viewers were thought to have tuned in to the event on television, and it was screened live in China for the first time.

I personally felt it was more like an episode of Factor with too many ballads and not enough Eurovision cheese. I blame it on Ukraine not being in this years show! They always bring the wacky!


By the end of the performances I actually thought, what has happened? The UK are the wacky one this year??? How can this be???

We had some neon lights and bouncy music yet every other country had a ballad. Austria set a piano on fire and Sweden had a interactive light display but still pretty low key for what Eurovision is known for.

I think a few of the possible wacky performances where knocked out in the semis.. even those probably wouldn’t have saved this year. Moldova was probably the most cheesy with backing police dancers and a policewoman wearing something resembling an Ann Summers costume.


My favorite performance was Latvia with petite Aminata singing Love Injected (unfortunate name) She could sing and it had a Purity Ring like sound, her outfit was really beautiful also. So she was the winner for me!


Best dressed had to go to Georgia, her outfit was amazing! So hot!


Close second was Norway.. her hair was to die for. I wish I had red hair like her! Stunning!!

628x471 474591354 Morland-and-Deborah-Scarlett-Norway-Eurovision-2015-rehearsal-600x400

Lets hope this isn’t what Eurovision has become, unknown people who can sort of sing We want the cheese back!!!


Building Bridges & Being Green

Building bridges was the theme of the show this year, connecting nations with a lot of love themed songs, it was also a green event for the first time!

The Building Bridges short Video showed people all around the world creating a seamless quirky video, showing they are connecting a journey all around the world.


“The ‘Green Song Contest’ allows us to prove that even a big event can be green and gives us the opportunity to transfer our high standards for climate- and eco-friendly events to the whole world”, Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter explained.

Efficient and eco-friendly – from the journey to the event to the catering

Electricity for the ESC 2015 will at hundred percent be supplied from the – environmentally benign – public grid; no diesel power units will be used. The ESC tickets are at the same time free tickets for Vienna’s public transport operator “Wiener Linien”. Catering will focus on high-quality and organic food from Austria. Avoiding waste is the top priority of the waste management concept. Beverages will therefore be offered in reusable cups only, tap water will be provided for free at the event. According to the motto “Building Bridges” the ESC – both the event and the television broadcasting – will be barrier-free. Comprehensive documentation in the form of a sustainability report will establish standards for future ESCs and large-scale events.

The stage was very impressive too!


Austria became the first-ever host nation in the contest’s history to score “nul points”. Germany also ended up pointless.  Sorry Conchita!


Full list of Eurovision 2015 results:

  1. Sweden – 365 points
  2. Russia – 303 points
  3. Italy – 292 points
  4. Belgium – 217 points
  5. Australia – 196 points
  6. Latvia – 186 points
  7. Estonia – 106 points
  8. Norway – 102 points
  9. Israel – 97 points
  10. Serbia – 53 points
  11. Georgia – 51 points
  12. Azerbaijan – 49 points
  13. Montenegro – 44 points
  14. Slovenia – 39 points
  15. Romania – 35 points
  16. Armenia – 34 points
  17. Albania – 34 points
  18. Lithuania – 30 points
  19. Greece – 23 points
  20. Hungary – 19 points
  21. Spain – 15 points
  22. Cyprus – 11 points
  23. Poland – 10 points
  24. United Kingdom – 5 points
  25. France – 4 points
  26. Germany – 0 points
  27. Austria – 0 points

Photos from the night:

6490010-3x2-940x627 6483108-3x4-700x9336483136-1x1-940x940 6480596-3x2-940x627Eurovision_Nina-Su_3316157bEurovision_Austria_3316118b

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rolf Klatt/REX Shutterstock (4778916w)  Genealogy of Armenia  Eurovision Song Contest, Semi-Final 1, dress rehearsal, Vienna, Austria - 18 May 2015


Source: BBC/Telegraph

Lets hope next year is more EUROVISION!

My mini Eurovision 2015 party 🙂


Me as Agnetha from Abba – SWEDEN!


Australia, Russia & Sweden


Treats from our countries!


Even a croque monsier!


Wooo I won! 🙂



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