Game Of Thrones Meets Disney – New images

by ChinaBambi

Disney is coming..

Artists Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendonça has been pondering what it would be like if Game Of Thrones characters took on famous roles in Disney movies – and the results are fantastic.

With its violence, sex and debauchery, Game Of Thrones couldn’t be further apart from the likes of Beauty And The Beast and Cinderella and yet someone has managed to make these crossovers seem pretty legitimate.

From Cersei as an evil queen (naturally) to a very famously romantic Disney moment for Brienne and Jaime, here are your GOT favourites as you have never seen them before.

I previously blogged about this when there were only a few characters portrayed, so here are the full series so far!

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 Who would you want to see next?

The red lady? Margery Tyrell perhaps 😀 I hope they create more!



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