The Ultimate Suspense Novel – Will Self-Destruct In 24 Hours

by ChinaBambi

Novelist James Patterson is taking reading to a whole other level. The suspense author has found an exciting way to add an interactive twist to the reading experience by placing a self-destructing timer on the book.

For 5 days, readers with an advanced digital copy of James Patterson’s Private Vegas are given exactly 1 day to complete the novel.

Once their 24 hours are up, the novel is digitally destroyed.

As cool as this game seems, there’s actually one lucky reader that will receive a special copy of the book for £194,000 ($294,038 USD).

This physical copy has the same guidelines, except the book will literally self-destruct.

According to the Daily Telegraph: “A special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team will also be on hand to handle the explosive thriller.”


More info: James Patterson | Self-Destructing Book | Facebook

Could it get anymore intense?!

Source: Distractify



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