Sia’s Elastic Heart – Maddie Ziegler & Shia LaBeouf

by ChinaBambi

Teasing us with a 15 second taster of her Elastic Heart video Wednesday, mysterious singer Sia has just released the full thing on her YouTube channel.


Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler and Nymphomaniac protagonist Shia LaBeouf bounce off the walls of a cage (that we’re pretty sure we’ve seen before in One Direction’s Steal My Girl) that only Maddie can slip in and out of. With Maddie showing off her contemporary dance skills and elasticity in a nude leotard and Shia hanging from the ceiling and throwing her in the air, interpretations have already been made of the tumultuous relationship between a father and a nightmare daughter (we won’t reveal too much, you can get lost in the YouTube comments…). This one’s set to be just as addictive as Chandelier.

Source: i-d Vice

I actually really like this.. the raw poetic story with two slightly odd but wonderfully weird people.. the song is beautiful and it transports you to another world.. LOVE IT



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