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Christine McConnell – Family Portraits

by ChinaBambi

Multitalented Los Angeles-based photographer Christine McConnell is back with a new project, called “Seven Generations of American Women.” In this very personal photo series, the artist recreates the portraits of her family women from her maternal line, glancing as far back as to her great-great-great-grandmother, who was born in 1821.

The project is a beautiful tribute to McConnell’s female side of her family tree, for which she did an amazing job recreating the poses, hair, makeup, clothes of her ancestors, and even perfectly mimicking the nostalgic photo effects of the original portraits. As professional as the whole project undoubtedly is, the artist couldn’t resist giving us a humorous sneak-peak into the up-coming generation in the very last picture.

McConnell in not only a photographer, but also a stylist, make-up artist, a model and baker! See my previous post here on her incredible talents.

More info: | Flickr|  Facebook | Instagram

Great-great-great-grandmother, Martha (born 1821)


Great-great-grandmother, Jane (born 1858)


Great-grandmother, Attie Mae (born 1898)


Grandmother, Mildred (born 1928)


Mother, Kathryn (born 1957)


Christine (born 1981)


Daughter, Trigger (born TBD)


Source: Demilked

Serious girl crush for this talented lady!



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  1. […] Christine H. McConnell is a photographer, stylist and baker from the Los Angeles area. She personally styles models for her shoots, and even prepares clothes for them. This hands on approach also works for painting giant eyes, apparently. Check out some of my other blogs about her amazing theatrical cakes and family portraits revisited. […]

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