Viktoria Modesta – ‘Prototype’ BORN RISKY

by ChinaBambi

There is only one reason to watch the Xfactor final tomorrow night.. for the real talent.. that is going to air during the ad break! Viktoria Modesta is here!


Working with Channel 4 they have spent £200k on the ad to feature during this Xfactor ad break where 10 million viewers will see this incredibly inspiring lady!

“Forget what you know about disability.

Channel 4 introduces Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist.”

Here is the full length video… WOW!

I can’t wait to see what this campaign/program BORN RISKY enfolds.. but if its anything like the Gaga’esq empowering video ‘Prototype’ it will be AMAZING!


The ad is being funded by Channel 4, who say they have given the singer the opportunity to showcase her latest song during the final as there are no other stars in the music industry with prosthetics.

Latvian-born Miss Modesta, who describes herself as a singer-songwriter, took the radical decision at the age of 20 to undergo a below the knee amputation to her left-leg to ease her mobility following an injury during birth.

The 26-year-old, who says she has been approached by X Factor but turned them down, said: ‘For a long time, pop culture closed its doors on me as an amputee and alternative artist.

‘I think people have always found it hard to know what to think or feel about an amputee who wasn’t trying to be an Olympian.

‘In sports, ‘overcoming’ a disability makes you a hero, but in pop there is no place for these feelings.

I have never felt comfortable thinking of myself as disabled and this has inspired me to actively challenge old-fashioned views and create a platform in mainstream pop-culture, with other artists, where I have always known I belonged.’


The singer also took part in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic Games and says the song Prototype shines a light on stigma, questions normal ideas of sex and beauty and celebrates being different.

The ad is also part of Channel 4’s Born Risky initiative, which also ran the ‘Superhumans’ campaign during the 2012 London Paralympics.

John Allison, joint head of 4Creative, said: ‘We wanted to build on the legacy of the Paralympics work so we asked ourselves, “Why are there no disabled pop artists?”‘


‘Pop stars these days are painfully dull and manufactured. Viktoria embodies our governmental remit of championing alternative voices and establishing new talent.’

While Dan Brooke from Channel 4 added: ‘Channel 4 was born to be different: to offer alternative perspectives and to take creative risks, especially with new talent.

Here is a ‘making of the video’

Spread the VM love guys! She’s so badass!

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Check out her website here

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Source: Ch4, Daily Mail, Viktoria Modesta 

Here’s my love from one Victoria to another Viktoria 🙂



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