McVitie’s cute animal choir – Christmas Ad

by ChinaBambi

Move over Monty the Penguin – there’s a new contender for the cutest Christmas ad campaign in the form of an 11-strong fluffy animal choir to promote McVitie’s Victoria biscuit selection.

For the first time in 30 years the biscuit brand has released a Christmas television advert, spending £1 million on a festive campaign featuring an adorable pug, kitten, piglet and several other cute creatures.

McVitie’s Victoria Christmas Choir TV Ad

The advert shows a family of seven sitting in the lounge at Christmas before they open a box of McVitie’s Victoria biscuit selection.

At first a pug emerges followed by a cuddly entourage including kittens, a hedgehog, more puppies, a duckling, a piglet, a rabbit, a reindeer and a narwhal, all singing – in their own special way – Yazoo’s 1982 hit Only You.

The connection between the animals and the biscuits, according to McVitie’s, is that they are both ‘Sweeet’. I love the adverts they have been creating this last year with the cute animals popping out of the boxes.. showing you having a cute adorable animal to make you feel and go aww is the same as having a nice biscuit! NOM!

Many people have commented the advert has raised the stakes in the battle for best Christmas advert once again and I think it has become my new favorite! Sorry Monty!

However, some are struggling to see the connection between biscuits and animals… but I guess you need to be an animal lover to understand the link is how they make you feel 🙂 Warm and fuzzy inside!

Right I’m off to have a biscuit and a kitty cuddle 🙂



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