Disney’s The Little Mermaid – The Making Of

by ChinaBambi

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My favorite ever Disney film.. The Little Mermaid. Not to mention it was out on my birth year 🙂 mean’t to be!

My fav scenes are ‘Part of your world’, becoming human, dancing / the boat ride, that blue dress, pink dress and her wedding! 🙂

ahhh how can you not love this film!!

Little-Mermaid-disney-4613128-1280-720 ariel-the-little-mermaid-playing-with-hairariel5danceAriel_Eric_boat_Ldaddy

Now with a ‘behind the scenes’ & ‘making of’ look at the fairytale.

This is a bonus from the platinum edition dvd. It’s not really a “making of”, it’s more like how much Disney changed the story from the original version of Hans Christian Andersen.

But I love seeing how Disney transformed these stories into the classics we all know and love.

Here’s my previous blog on ‘Disney’s colour girls’ with the ‘Snow White’ making of featurette from the end credits.

Keep a look out for more on my blogs soon!



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