JURASSIC WORLD – Official Trailer (HD)

by ChinaBambi

AHHHHHH ITS FINALLY HERE! After the teaser trailer the other week they have released the official trailer a few days earlier than expected. WOOO!

Jurassic World – Official Trailer (HD)


TOTALLY GOT GOOSE BUMPS! But a bit disappointed with the hybrid story line.. 😦

Why did they invent a dinosaur? The plot of World turns on a new strain of “hybrid” dinosaur, which causes a befuddled Chris Pratt to run around with Very Serious Expressions — all of which might make for a highly entertaining movie, but not a Jurassic Park movie. The whole point of Jurassic Park is to bring real dinosaurs into the present day — that’s why the T. rex and raptors in the first movie were so much fun, and why the awful second movie was redeemed by the T. rex smashing up San Diego. The third movie was terrible, but the Spinosaurus and Pterenodon were terrifying —because they once actually lived on earth. Take away the real dinosaurs, and you’re just left with a made-up monster movie.

So why did Steven Spielberg and director Colin Trevorrow feel compelled to invent a new dino for this hopefully-triumphant return to the screen?

We shall see next year… lets hope it does live up to the amazing Jurassic park classic.

Source: You Tube & The Verge

The Park Is Open June 12.



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