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Living With Neil the Lion in 1971

by ChinaBambi

In 1969, Hedren and Marshall were filming in Africa and came across an abandoned house inhabited by lions. The scenery made the couple want to make a film that would help promote the preservation of this beautiful endangered species. Animal trainer Ron Oxley advised them to live with a lion for a while to get to know what they are really like. That’s when the family moved to a remote ranch in California to live with their lion.

The film “Roar“ came out in 1981, starring Hedren, Griffith, Marshall, and 150 untrained large cats. The filming production left the 70 people from the crew injured, with Melanie Griffith with 50 facial stitches from a lioness attack. Despite this, Hedren still lives with 70 animals, including Michael Jackson’s Bengal tiger, in the Shambala Preserve that she founded for mistreated or neglected exotic animals.

(h/t: mashable, guardian via Demilked)

Neil the lion with Tippi Hedren in her home in Sherman Oaks, California, 1971


Melanie Griffith in a swimming pool with Neil (left) and a child playing with Neil (right)


A housekeeper steps over Neil


Noel Marshall tries to work in his study with Neil on his desk


Tippi wrestling with Neil


Tippi raids the fridge and reads a newspaper with Neil


Melanie jumping into a swimming pool while Neil grabs her leg


Tippi Playing With Neil


Neil in bed with Melanie


Neil sleeping with Melanie


This is so cute! Its just like a house cat.. my kitty Jewel reminds me of a lion with the way she walks and some of her expressions.. this is a whole new level of house cat!

“Tiger Attack” from the movie “Roar”




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