Vivienne Westwood – Models wearing Yes badges at LFW

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Vivienne Westwood says she ‘hates England’ as she sends models wearing Yes badges down her LFW runway

She’s one of England’s most acclaimed fashion designers, but Vivienne Westwood showed her support for Scottish independence at LFW by sending her models down the catwalk wearing ‘Yes’ badges.


The 73-year-old also placed a statement explaining her political view on the referendum on all the seats at her SS15 runway show this weekend.

It read: “I am so excited. Fingers crossed they will win. Because if they do, it could be the turning point towards a better world”

“We English have to fight our government. You, Scotland, can have the government you want.”

“They could lead by example.”


Born in Derbyshire, Vivienne is infamous for her use of tartan fabrics in fashion, and even joined the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall Of Fame earlier this month at a dinner where she told the hundreds of guests about her fears of fracking in Scotland and praised the free higher education available in the country.

Vivienne wrapped herself in a Scottish flag following her Red Label fashion show, which featured suits, pinstripes and statement draping aplenty, and told waiting journalists that she ‘hates England’.


Her catwalk shows are often used as a means of communicating her voice on global issues, although usually reserved for her take on climate change.

“I hate England,” she said. “I like Scotland because somehow I think they are better than we are. They are more democratic.”


She described those who vote no in the referendum as “frightened and stupid”.

“I’m very unpatriotic about England because it has been completely ruined,” she continued. “All politicians are bringing people down into a system that is over. It’s the capitalist system. We just hope that Scotland can be a model for future hope and development, where we have a people’s democracy, instead of only everything for profit, business and destruction.”


Her 17-year-old granddaughter Kora Korre also took to the catwalk to debut the spring collection – although if she was wearing a blue ‘Yes badge’, it was hidden.

Because what’s fashion week without a little bit of drama, eh?

With the last day of campaigning today.. votes will be taken tomorrow!

I have already posted my vote being a Scottish resident 🙂

Exciting times! Can’t wait to hopefully hear the result of  YES for Scottish Independence on Friday morning! *Fingers Crossed*

Source Independent / Metro



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