My Kitty Marie is Famous! – BuzzFeed feature!

by ChinaBambi

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Last night I got a text from my cousin to say one of my photos was on BuzzFeed and also as the link image on the main page!

It turns out it wasn’t me but my gorgeous little white kitty Marie. I took a photo of her wearing a I love Scotland pet top a week ago and it was put on a BuzzFeed feature about pets voting Yes for Scottish independence. A cute funny feature and Marie is #19!

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Check out the full feature here! 🙂


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Marie is a rare little kitty with a huge personality! I rescued her in Dec 2012 through an amazing pet store ‘To Wag For’ who rescues animals from high kill shelters in LA.
Marie was abandoned as a kitten with her brother at the side of a road in a box. They both became allergic to the food fed by the shelter which put them both on the kill list due to allergies.

Luckily for Marie the amazing lady Jean from To Wag For found her before it was too late, unfortunately her brother had already been put down 😦

Marie was then shown over FB with her beautiful big blue eyes and I fell in love!


She’s is so loving, a huge cuddler, loves giving hugs (as long as its the right shoulder..) plays fetch and gives paw! I think she still thinks she is a dog after being in a foster home for a week before my adoption where she played with a bull dog and yorkie!

She is extremely rare due to be completely white with blue eyes and being female with these colorings. Most white blue eyed kitties are boy cats who are deaf. But she sure isn’t and meows away to herself with her cheeky personality.

She is only 1 so still a baby, with her second birthday on Saturday! Lots of treats in store for little Marie-rie!

I love her so much and am super happy this pic of her wearing a I love Scotland Tee has started trending on BuzzFeed! I knew she could be a huge cat internet sensation.. move aside Grumpy Cat.. Marie is on her way up!

🙂 Meow!



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