Everyones talking about.. SPIDER DOG!

by ChinaBambi

Sylwester Wardega, the Polish prankster behind SA Wardega, has come up with a brilliant prank that is at once terrifying and hilarious. After setting up props in public spaces that look like human body parts caught in giant spider webs, unwitting prank-ees are then hunted down by a giant mutant dog-spider (which happens to look a lot like a tiny dog with fake tarantula fur and wire spider legs on its back).

The star actor in this prank is Chica, a little black dog who is excellent at playing terrifying creepy spiders. Though she’s a great actor, we are a bit concerned about her safety – if someone reacts to the prank the wrong way, she could get hurt. We hope she stays safe as she scares people half to death!

Wardega has a lot of different prank videos, so be sure to check out his Youtube channel!

More info: sawardega.pl | Facebook (SA Wardega) | Facebook (Chica the DogSpider) | Youtube (h/t: lostateminor)

Watch the full video below:

Too funny! I would literally die seeing this Spider Dog.. I hate spiders!

Sure will be the best ever halloween costume for a dog though!



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