Acorn Crafts & Gifts

by ChinaBambi


Are you looking for the perfect unique gift for that special someone? Or some original artwork for your home that wont break the bank!? Well here it is, the fantastic custom artwork of Emma Harriman from her brand ‘Acorn Crafts & Gifts’.

Using any image, name, number or silhouette, Emma can create unique artwork which is intricately detailed and personal to each customer. The style is called a Zentangle.

What is a zentangle? The word brings to mind meditation, art, and mathematics. In simple terms, a zentangle is an image created with repetitive structured patterns.

 The term Zentangle was coined by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Maria Thomas described her doodling experience as “feeling timeless, free and engendering a sense of deep well-being.” Rick Roberts recognized that Maria was in a meditative state. The Zentangle Method was born. Zentangle is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.

“Every piece of zentangle artwork is original, no two are ever exactly the same” – Emma.



Using the silhouette of a vintage Singer sewing machine – “These are my most popular designs. Each with a unique pattern.”



The Star Ship Enterprise (original) – “This piece was for a customers husband who is an avid trekkie, if you look closely the background is sectioned in the shape of planets.”


“Simba” – “Disney is always something that’s been close to my heart and now I have a little boy I can share it with him. This is one of my favourite pieces so far.”


Dragon – “One of my latest pieces is this dragon. I love the shapes and flow of the image.”

It could be a very intricate tattoo!

Prices range from £10 and up which make it a bargain gift for someone special or a treat for your home!  Every piece is individually priced depending on the size and detail.

Send a message for a no obligation quote to:

FB: acorncraftsandgifts


“Any image, name, number or silhouette can be done. If you can think it, we can make it into a Zentangle!”


What a great concept and unique gift idea! Check out Acorn Crafts & Gifts for more information and up to date pieces!



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