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Performance anxiety was not a problem for Grumpy Cat in Star Paws: the Rise of Superstar Pets (Channel 4) which aired last night at 9pm. Grumpy Cat doesn’t really perform per se: she just sits around looking, well, grumpy. It’s a skill not to be underestimated because it has made her – or, more to the point, the adults who surround her – rich to the tune of $500,000.

She is by far my favourite famous cat!.. (I love my own two more though of course!)


When a video of Grumpy Cat was put online, her comical expression (in fact, the result of feline dwarfism) went viral! She now flies around the US meeting her public, selling her own range of merchandise and endorsing cat food, accompanied by an “Internet Cat Manager” and a lawyer whose client roster also includes Mike Tyson. “There’s a lot of money involved here. We protect our client. Grumpy Cat is a brand,” said the lawyer, with all the likeability of a week-old litter tray. lol!

15 percent of all internet traffic is cat-related. But it’s not only cute kittens inundating inboxes daily. Animals on the internet have become big business, with some pets attracting more fans than Hollywood celebrities.

Inspired by this online animal revolution, advertising agencies are on the hunt for cats, puppies and an array of other animal stars to front their campaigns and boost the profits and profiles of the biggest brands.

With billions of pounds and the reputation of global corporations at stake, this Cutting Edge film charts the rise of internet animal celebrities fronting billion dollar brands, and follows the story of the professional animal agents, animal wranglers and pet-owners tasked with supplying the ad industry with the new wave of animal stars.

The Star Paws story starts in Hollywood, meeting global superstar Tardar Sauce, more commonly known as Grumpy Cat, the face of billion dollar cat food brand Friskies and arguably the most famous cat in the world. At a convention of online celebrities, adoring fans queue for hours just to grab a selfie with the frowning feline whose entourage includes security guards and an intellectual property lawyer. They’re joined by Grumpy’s agent, Ben Lashes – the man who helped bring one of the web’s earliest viral video stars, Keyboard Cat, to the masses.


Here in the UK, the programme follows the next steps of Bronte, the singing kitten from Three’s ad campaign. With a nationally broadcast TV ad and over 5 million hits on YouTube, Bronte is one of Britain’s most famous cats.

I was so obsessed by this advert when it came out, I would totally be that kid!

– Its also my desktop background pic 🙂


British brands like Dulux have long-known the power of using animals in their advertising. In the age of overnight online stardom, what lies ahead for the old-guard like Spud the Dulux dog?


Elsewhere, meet Richard Best, a veterinary surgeon who works with an array of animals, but for the last 17 years has had one very special role – casting the Labrador puppies for the Andrex commercials. With perhaps one of the world’s most enviable jobs, the programme follows Richard as he picks from a choice of frolicking puppies to appear in the latest TV campaign.


Meanwhile, professional animal agent Chris earns a living searching far and wide for the cutest, the fluffiest and the most majestic animals to appear in front of the camera. He’s tasked with finding a lion for a bank’s TV commercial and kittens for a glossy magazine shoot.

Throughout the film we hear from some of the leading creatives in the ad world, who explain just how ‘cute’ sells and which animals work best. With everything from the breed to the fluffiness to deliberate, finding the furry face that fits the brand is tough when everyone wants to be associated with Star Paws.

Its definitely worth a watch for all you animal and especially cat lovers out there! Catch it on 4oD!

I discovered a new bound to be internet sensation who may even rival Boo the dog!

Another Pom, called Jiff who can walk on 2 paws, front or back!

Living in Los Angeles, California, Jiff has made it into the record books for achieving two new world records: the fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and fastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds).

Watch out for his world wide stardom!

SO CUTE! I actually AW’d out loud haha!


And don’t forget Lil Bub.. cute!

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