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Shadow Book – A story in motion

by ChinaBambi

Megumi Kajiwara and Tatuhiko Nijima, two Japanese illustrators and designers, have created a beautiful book called Motion Silhouette that uses light and shadows to animate its beautifully illustrated pages.

The hand-bound book’s pages feature small pop-up paper forms that cast shadows on the book depending on where you hold your light source. These shadows interact with the page – on one, a train barrels along a track, and in another, a face blows away a dandelion’s seeds. Check out their video to see how their beautiful and clever book works!

More info: Tumblr (h/t: lustik)

shadow-book-motion silhouette-17

shadow-book-motion silhouette-16

shadow-book-motion silhouette-8

shadow-book-motion silhouette-12

shadow-book-motion silhouette-6

shadow-book-motion silhouette-1

shadow-book-motion silhouette-11

shadow-book-motion silhouette-2

shadow-book-motion silhouette-3

shadow-book-motion silhouette-10

Such an amazing idea!

Source / Check out the video for the book here!



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