Frozen – The best animated film of all time

by ChinaBambi


I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about Frozen! I thought I had!!! :O

I watched Frozen the day it came out at the cinema! I was so excited from seeing small clips of Olaf months before.. in September 2013! I wasn’t disappointed either.. it is honestly one of the best Disney films ever.. and it is very modern with that Disney old time feeling but sisterly love ending – no Prince needed here!


Since the film was released Nov last year it has exploded into the biggest trend for kids, Disney Fans and some adults.. Frozen is everywhere.

It has now been said the film has grossed over a billion and is now The best animated film of all time, it is also the 5th most popular film of all time. AMAZING NEWS!


So here are my favourite parts from the film 🙂

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Check out the ‘Let it go’ song scene with Elsa.. possibly Disney’s best ever song!

I read about Frozen look-alikes the other day and how many are now making a living off being Elsa and Anna..

The most popular is US Anna who is becoming hugely popular for her Elsa looks and works with her sister as the Frozen sisters. Pretty cute!

frozen-elsa-instagram-20140618Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.05.05 PM

Check out the full article here.

I am also a big fan of Once Upon A Time which has just ended series 4 with a final scene showing Elsa coming to Storybrooke! Check out my blog here.

photo 1

I am a Disney traditionalist when it comes to Princess’s and the fairytales.. but Frozen has definitely become a huge rival and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon Elsa is made an official Disney Princess! Just like Merida from Brave.