Hollywood Glamour – New VS Old

by ChinaBambi


I was discussing this with friends the other day.. has Hollywood Glamour vanished?

Comparing what it used to be is probably the error, the classic elegance and mystery surrounded by these icons back in the beginning of Hollywood Glamour has definitely died with the rise of social media and technology.

We now feel closer to celebrities as we have a constant stream of their daily lives over a range of social media platforms.

However, I do feel today we have strong iconic figures which rival the Golden Era Beauties.

A few names popped up as today’s modern Hollywood Glamour icons.. Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Emily Blunt, Lana Del Rey and Gaga to name a few.

MSN Style explored this, comparing New & Old Glamour. Here’s my verdict..

Marilyn VS Kim


Marilyn is the biggest iconic female symbol of all time, she defines sex appeal.. sorry Kim no one can out do her! She wasn’t just a beautiful face, intelligent, talented, smart and ambitious.. everyone loves Marilyn!


Bridgette Bardot VS Sienna Miller


The resemblance is uncanny.. both beautiful talented blondies.. I think this is a tie.


Grace Kelly VS Angelina jolie


Both such powerful stunning women who are both icons for great cause! Another tie I think!


Katharine Hepburn VS Katy Perry


They may have a resemblance in this photo but both icons excel in their own field. Hepburn was named Hollywood’s greatest star for her acting and Katy Perry is one of the biggest signers in pop! I still feel Hepburn wins this one after 60 years of being The leading lady of Hollywood.


Jayne Mansfield VS Scarlett Johansson


Jayne Mansfield.. one of Hollywood first blonde bombshells and Playmates, she defines sex appeal just as Marilyn did.. but I feel Scarlett is definitely today’s Marilyn Monroe.. stunning, curvy, talented but modern. I think Scarlett may win this one!


Sophia Loren VS Megan Fox


Every time I think of Sophia Loren I see her as Cleopatra.. she was stunning in this role! Sorry Megan she outdoes you with natural beauty VS diva’ness!


Natalie Wood VS Gwen Stefani


Hands down Gwen Stefani wins.. she is my idol and I love her music, style, fashion line and personality.. sorry Natalie.. I love GWEN!


Ava Gardner VS Marion Cotillard


Ava and Marion look as one in these photos.. Ava was considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and I feel Marion is that of today’s..  I love Marion’s style, accent and her quirky fashion style.. both true beauties. Tie for this one.


Elizabeth Taylor VS Viola Davis


Elizabeth Taylor for sure is one of Hollywood biggest ever stars and I doubt anyone could top that, her and Marilyn where and I think forever will be the biggest female stars of all time. Her love of jewellery, the fact she can wear a tiara and pull it off, her talent, relationships, elegant beauty with her own sense of fashion is what made her an icon. Sorry Viola, Liz wins this one.


Faye Dunaway VS Adele


Another crazy resemblance between two stunning women, Faye a big time actress best known for Bonnie & Clyde VS Adele, one of todays greatest singers.. I think Adele wins it with her timeless songs and incredible beauty transformation.


Vivien Leigh VS Cate Blanchett


Vivien Leigh, a wonderful actress best known for her role in ‘Gone With The Wind’ is definitely on par with today’s Cate Blanchett, however I think Cate wins it.. I LOVED her in Elizabeth, and her roles continue to really impress me. She has a timeless elegance!


Veronica Lake VS Eva Mendes


Veronica Lake was a timeless classic beauty.. who I am always compared to (Good for me!) I love her classic elegance but feel sad for her decline when I think she could of been so much more! Eva is one of today’s sexiest ladies in Hollywood so it is hard to compare both, I do have to go with Veronica though.. her image and peekaboo hairstyle trend wins me over!


Audrey Hepburn VS Audrey Tautou


These two look as though they could be twins! I have always compared Audrey Tautou to Audrey Hepburn so I cannot compare them. They are both incredibly talented beautiful icons and I hope Tatou reaches the same career and iconic status as Hepburn.


Jean Shrimpton VS Lana Del Rey


Jean is my home-girl! Born in Buckinghamshire like me, the incredible model/actress has been named as one of the worlds first supermodels! Lana Del Rey is one of my favourite Women of today, I LOVE her music, beauty and style.. so this is a tie for me!


Anita Ekberg VS Penelope Cruz


Comparing these two is almost impossible, sex symbols of their own times.. Anita was one of the most beautiful women of her time and Penelope is definitely up there on today’s list.. I have to go with Anita though for that classic old Hollywood look.. the blonde curls are to die for!


So there you have it.. Old Hollywood VS New Hollywood..

From my choices its Old 6 VS New 4, with a few ties.. I am in love with the classic Golden Era of Hollywood so I will always choose the Marilyn/Elizabeth/Audrey/Sophia beauties over today’s.. but I know we have icons in our time.

Do you agree with my choices? Old Classic Hollywood or New Modern Hollywood?