Maleficent – Film Review

by ChinaBambi


Yesterday eve I finally got to see Maleficent! I was so so excited!

I channelled my inner Maleficent with Red & Black cracked nails by Rimmel and 17 nail polish.


I wore my Disney couture Mickey ring & Fairest of them all necklace with my H&M mesh top and faux leather paneled trousers with studded Zara boots.77Angelina Jolie was by far the highlight of the whole film, she was incredible as Maleficent.

I loved the costumes and most of all Maleficents variety of horns and outfits changing throughout the film with a very gothic medieval modern twist. Stunning detail which really brought the fairytale to life.


I adore the tale told from Maleficents view, it shows that villains are not born but made and not to believe the overly happy and dream like fairytales which do feel very one-sided.

This version of the tale portrayed love, friendship, betrayal, war, greed and a new side to evil.

Looking back at The Sleeping Beauty tale you seem to think it was all told from Aurora’s Fathers side, the King who became wrapped up in paranoia and revenge. I loved seeing the making of Maleficent and understanding her reason for being one of the scariest villains. I know people have said it is not true to the original, but you have to realise there are always two sides to every story and I love the raw stripped back version of this tale with the real characters exposed.

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The special effects were amazing creating the dreamlike world with fairytale creatures that live there.

My favorite part was Vivienne Jolie-Pitt acting as the young Aurora and cuddling Maleficent. Too cute!


It is a must see movie purely for the love of Angelina bringing this historic villain to life and understanding how evil is made.


 What did you think of Maleficent’s tale?