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Stone Sculptures That Totally Rock

by ChinaBambi

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito breathes life into stone by transforming it into practically anything but stone itself. His whimsical and unique stone sculptures create surreal optical illusions that can make us forget that they are actually made of solid stone.

Stone is often associated with its coldness and hardness, but this only inspired Ito, a graduate of Tokyo National Fine Arts University, to challenge these common features rather than be constrained by them. The rocks in his work not only come alive, they also brings their seemingly soft, warm and flexible side into the spotlight. After this, nearly anything seems possible!

More info: Website | Flickr | DeviantArt (h/t: inhabitat) via:demilked

Such incredible artistry.. some are a bit creepy but I love the purse looking rocks. Really plays with your mind.. I’m still wondering how he does it 🙂



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