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Magical Bedroom Interiors For Kids

by ChinaBambi

Childhood is a precious time when everything seems possible, everything is interesting and every experience, stimulus, person, and toy is a building block in their developing personalities. No wonder, then, that many parents spend a great deal of effort and time to make the childhood of their kids as memorable, vivid, and happy as possible. With so many great examples online, we couldn’t help but show you these 22 remarkable children‘s bedroom interiors that make childhood just a little bit more wonderful.

We can only wonder how these rooms feel and look to the kids living in them, given children’s wild imaginations. When you‘re a child, a stick can easily become a sword and a tree can transform into a rocket, so we can only guess how it might feel to spend your childhood with a huge fantastic ship hanging over your room. Let’s just hope that these lucky kids don’t get tired of these insanely imaginative interiors too soon.

via: BoredPanda

1. Pirate Ship Room

Designed by

2. Calvin and Hobbes Bedroom

Designed by Katri Nurmela

3. Secret Chronicles Of Narnia Room

Image credits:

4. Personal Teepee

Designed by

5. Spaceship Captain’s Console

Designed by Jeremiah Gorman

6. Tree House Bedroom

Designed by

7. Secret Slide Passage And Play Room

Image credits:

8. Secret Treehouse Play Room

Designed by Jorge Simos

9. House Within A House

Photo by boscco

10. Fairy-Tale Nursery

Designed by

11. Ship Captain’s Bedroom

Designed by Brian Vanden Brink

12. Adventure Treehouse Room

Image credits: Gabriel Builders

13. Circus Bedroom

Designed by Kate Dixon

14. Princess’ Carriage And Bedroom

Image credits: unknown

15. Ship Captain’s Lookout And Bedroom

Image credits:

16. Forest Wonderland Bedroom

Designed by Виктория Файнблат

17. Racetrack Bedroom

Designed by Wendi Young

18. Hideout Tubes

Designed by MPR Design Group

19. Basketball Court Bedroom

Image credits:

20. Island Shipwreck Bedroom

Designed by

21. Super Mario Room

Image credits:

22. Or You Can Give Your Kids Thousands of Stickers And Let Them Go Nuts:

Image credits: Yayoi Kusama

so creative and inspiring.. very cute! 🙂



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