Eurovision 2014

by ChinaBambi


What an entertaining show! It was definitely the best I’ve seen.. there were coloured suits, cleavage, trampolines, ice skating, a giant hamster wheel, a bearded lady and so many entertaining acts!


UK’s Molly Smitten-Downes’s Eurovision performance was well worth the wait as the song contest crowd responded to her show-closing performance.


Wearing a gold minidress with a fur collar and knee high gladiator style boots, she cut an impressive figure on stage – and her voice lived up to the occasion too.

After joining the walk-on of the competitors at the beginning of the night, Molly had to watch all her rivals take to the stage before she got her chance to step into the spotlight.

Singing last of the 26 entrants in the Song Contest final in Copenhagen, Molly sang a song she wrote herself titled Children of the Universe.

There were cheers in the arena as she finished, though she did not seem to raise the roof quite as much as some of the earlier acts.

As hosts Denmark got a rousing ovation while neighbours Sweden, whose entrant Sanna Neilsen had led the bookies’ odds also went down well.

Poland had an interesting technique which unfortunately didn’t pay off…


Two girls flashing their big cleavage while churning butter and washing clothes seductively on the sides of the stage.. hmm not sure what that was about. Funny though!

eurovision2014 poland-2014-rehearsal2

The most annoying part of the night was the hosts Lise’s dress, which was very ill-fitting for her figure. She wore a pink prom style high neck dress which with her tiny frame and long neck made her look very old with droopy boobs. Not a good look.


Later on in a video clip she wore a stunning gold sequin gown and looked her 35yr old self.. such a shame for the actual night. Major fashion disaster!


My favorite look was the Iceland group Pollapönk who wore solid coloured suits and onsies.. My fav act of the night for sure.. it was so fun! I also loved our own Molly’s look.. A gold minidress with a fur collar, gold head piece, henna tattoos and knee high gladiator style boots. Stunning!


Bearded lady Conchita Wurst also opted for a gold dress as she turned in a powerful performance hinting a style of a James Bond theme and later won beating The Netherlands as a close second. This was Austria’s first win since 1966.

Conchita’s acceptance speech: “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in the future of peace and freedom. We are unstoppable *air punch*”


Well deserved for the brave, unique and dazzling Conchita! Congrats!

TH00010 TH00004

I wish we got more votes though, I was sure we would be top 10.. 😦

We were definitely worthy of it with the fabulous Molly and her own song ‘Children of the Universe’.

It was a very entertaining Eurovision, the best yet for sure with highly entertaining acts.. I love Graham Norton’s comments.

His twitter was hilarious! Check out some of my fav below.

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Who was your favorite act?