NO MAKEUP SELFIE – The Fight Against Cancer

by ChinaBambi

So by now many of you will have heard and seen the viral internet campaign for raising awareness of Cancer.

It gets passed around socially by nominating fellow friends and family to upload a selfie wearing no makeup. To strip yourself of that daily mask/confidence. It has a great meaning behind it, possibly to try and make people feel 1000000th of what someone with cancer does, vulnerable.. I personally think donations should be attached to these no makeup selfies, so spread the donation word and help us all fight cancer!

Here is my no makeup selfie..

“Thank you for my nomination Izzy Rascal Bsc.. Spreading the word #nomakeup selfie supporting #breastcancer awareness.. Finding out Tuesday a close relative has cancer was devastating. Donated to#cancerresearch

1456519_10152316610577154_160539286_nScreen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.06.29 PM

The latest addition.. MAKEUP selfies of men is also another great way to spread the word and donations.. gets all the men involved! Plus a funny way to see all the men in our lives caked in it.. maybe even their own attempt at how we do it!

How will you participate?