Heartwarming Childhood Moments In B&W Photographs

by ChinaBambi

French photographer and father of six Alain Laboile has dedicated his artistic energy to documenting the everyday life of his beautiful family. Even though many parents photograph their children as they grow up and become familiar with the world around them, there‘s something peculiar and deeply gripping about Laboile‘s black and white photographs. They remind us of our own childhood and evoke bittersweet longing for our past. His pictures are realistic, raw, intimate, hippy-like and somehow familiar. His keen photographer’s eye captures all the mundane tenderness and delight of life.

Source: laboile.com | lab.carbonmade.com | Facebook (via: petapixel)

Absolutely stunning and heart warming photography, check out his other work for more surreal images in the reflection portfolio.

Beautiful work 🙂