Fashion Photography, New inspired by Old

by ChinaBambi

By juxtaposing iconic fashion images from the past and the present on her blog, fashion historian Lilah Ramzi beautifully illustrates this industry’s cyclical nature. Her Part Noveau series reveals how images from the past serve as roots for the fashion elements of the present.

Part Noveau can be used to characterize fashion photography, fashion trends and ultimately anything within the creative field that borrows, reappropriates or is directly inspired by a work which preceded it,” explains Ramzi.

The blog seeks to aid our contemporary eyes, so used to being presented with the newest and latest within the creative world, to recognize and give credit to what has come before.

Here are the most fascinating fashion parallels and you can find more information about them and more examples on her blog.

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Beautiful work, I still love the original historic versions over the newer inspired ones but it’s very interesting to see the comparisons. Stunning!