Ceramic Art – The Layers Within

by ChinaBambi

Ceramics Dissected With Surgical Instruments

UK-based artist Beccy Ridsdel sculpts mind-provoking ceramics altered with freaky surgical instruments, revealing the layers within. “This work was based on the (age-old) art/craft debate,” explains Ridsdel. “I chose to make a series of definitely craft objects – bone china plates, mugs, jugs – and ‘dissect’ them to see what was beneath.

Her surgical examination, using scalpels, lab coats, needles and microscope, showed the artist that her craft actually held art within it. “I was turning a table full of craft objects into an artwork in its own right, it had a point beyond the technique, beyond the thing themselves.

Source: beccyridsdel.co.uk | Behance (via: demilked)

I really love this work, its very quirky and has that vintage mystery to it, your seeing the layers normally hidden.

Beautiful work!