Outfit Diary PT32

by ChinaBambi


Here is my Outfit Diary PT32. Taken on my weeks trip to the UK in Feb.

Outfit 1 is a White peplum top, Zara leggings and moustache shoes with a Disney Couture ring.

This was taken after getting my first tattoo, a needle and thread on my hand at LA ink – High Voltage, by  artist Camila Rocha.

Outfit 2 is a Vivienne Westwood floral dress, red netting skirt and heart Irregular Choice heels.

Taken at Cowley Manor in the UK for my great Uncle’s 90th Birthday celebration.

Outfit 3 is a Zara paisley dress, Grey Zara Leggings, Zara green fur trim collar cardigan and moustache flats and a River Island yellow swing coat.

Taken in the Cowley Manor gardens in the UK.

So Stay tuned for more Diary Outfits during my America Adventure in LA.