LA Adventure – Endeavour, Disney, Helmut Newton, Observatory & The Hollywood Sign.

by ChinaBambi


LA Adventure – Endeavour, Disney, Helmut Newton, Observatory & The Hollywood Sign.

Yesterday we had an insane last full day for my friend visiting. Firstly we went to see the Endeavour space shuttle at the Science Center.

IMG_8982 IMG_8984 IMG_8983IMG_8990 IMG_8992 IMG_8991IMG_8997IMG_8998 IMG_8999IMG_9004IMG_9008 IMG_9009IMG_9019IMG_9028

It was amazing! We first saw this fly past our buildings in September last year! So to see it up close and walk under it was incredible!

We then went to Hollywood.


To the Disney Soda Fountain restaurant next to the El Capitan.


The Milkshakes were amazing!


Then I met Mickey 😀

We then went over to the Beverly Hills area to see the Helmut Newton Exhibition in the Annenberg space for photography.

IMG_9045 IMG_9049 IMG_9051IMG_9048 IMG_9047 IMG_9046IMG_9055 IMG_9054 IMG_9053 IMG_9052

It was an amazing exhibition seeing all his wonderful work put together. Very inspiring. Two documentary videos about the photographer who invented the Editorial spread of fashion stories. A true genius who unfortunately passed away a few years ago after a heartache. The videos his wife June took, gave us an inside look at his life and who he was as a person. Such a wonderfully talented and down to earth man who was very funny and seemed like a lovely person to work with and genuinely wanted to help others. I love his work even more now I feel I understand him as a person!


We then went to the Hills to Griffith Park Observatory. So we could see the Hollywood sign and maybe some stars.

The views of LA were amazing! The cloud made the sign harder to see but at sunset it was beautiful.


The telescope we looked through to see some planets.

IMG_9093 IMG_9094IMG_9095IMG_9098IMG_9116

Me looking at Venus!


Hello LA!


Pendulum clock in the entrance to the observatory.

The ceiling of the clock.


Hollywood Sunset.


Hello Saturn! We also could see 3 of its moons through the telescope. AMAZING!


Goodnight LA!


My golden Endeavour Space shuttle.

My Helmut Newton Stamps.


By the time we got home we were completely knackered, we ordered dominoes pizza, watched Moonrise Kingdom and then went to bed. One of the best days ever! You should go check them all out because the exhibitions are free!

Today we will be taking it easy, Becky my friend has a flight back to the UK at 3pm. So we will probably enjoy a last day at the beach with a picnic.

I then will need to crack on with my new collection to get it finished this week. Then a sneak peek of whats to come for the next!

Stay tuned.