Elizabeth Raine – London Jewellery Fashion Week / Birthday Fun

by ChinaBambi

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Elizabeth Raine exhibited at this years Treasure, London Jewellery Week at Somerset House. She collaborated with VB Fashion by wearing some of the pieces of the ‘Wonderland’ collection to tie in with her Wizard of Oz jewellery range.


It was her first jewellery show and she told me it went really well! She met some fabulous talented people and said it was wonderful to receive some great feedback and custom. She also said she got many compliments on her VB clothing.


“It was great to have my Somewhere over The Rainbow Ring featured on the Invitations and Somerset House and Treasure website. I look forward to taking part next year with a new collection to launch.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.15.42 PM

So a big congratulations to ER, it sounds like a great success! I will for sure have to save my pennies and buy my most wanted item of hers, the Rainbow ring. Super excited! Good luck Elizabeth on the rest of your journey and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to collaborate further.

Check out her website here!

Yesterday I had a great chill out day with a picnic at Malibu beach, relaxing in the sun for birthday week day 5.

Strawberries on the beach! Perfection!

I also took my kitty Dinah to the groomer for a lion cut. She’s so cute and happy now.


In the evening we went for dinner with my cousin and friend to re-celebrate our 24th birthdays.

IMG_8742 IMG_8744

I bought her British gifts and she bought me American gifts.. Birthday Twins think alike!


I also then received Snow White gifts from my friend Jess at work!

A matching bag and purse, and a Disney Couture Apple ring. LOVE!


Tomorrow is a great day to look forward to, a whole day at The Getty Centre museum!

We will also welcome our good friends to the neighborhood who on Monday made the move from London to Santa Monica!

Welcome guys!